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Tony G., Los Angeles

"Bev, because of your amazing seasonings, my kids are now eating their vegetables! I've just ordered my third jar of your outstanding All Purpose Seasoning mix. I use this to give all of my steamed and cooked vegetables that needed kick and flavor they need. My two boys are now eating more zucchini,broccoli,carrots,asparagus,you name it! Thank you. I can't cook without this. I'm hooked!"


Deanna, Los Angeles

"The All Purpose Seasoning is off the hook! My 1st experience was in some homemade chicken soup that Bev made for me after my surgery. I can not tell you how wonderful that soup was. It helped me heal faster and oh what a blessing it was! The flavor was awesome. Thank you Bev for the soup and being apart of my healing process. You are the best and so are these seasonings!"


Belinda, Redondo Beach

"Bev's Seasonings are Fabulous! I have not been using any other seasoning since purchasing all 3. I'm very careful with my sodium intake, & Bev's Seasoning have provided a means of enjoying wonderfully seasoned entrées, with less sodium. I also love the fact, she offers a mixture of seasonings, so I don't have to figure out what to use. Thank you for making my choices easier when I'm cooking. It's been great on Poultry, Vegetables, Seafood and in sauces. Your seasonings have made my meals more Delicious!"


Donna, Beverly Hills

"My doctor told me my blood pressure was too high and I had to cut back on salty foods. I was so disappointed because food was not good without the proper seasoning. Well, one day a friend told me about Bev's Original Seasonings and that they were low in sodium and made your food taste great. I told my friend to give me her information now!. I tried them and wow!!!! I loved them, and I will never have a reason to use anything other than Bev's Original Seasonings again. Thanks Bev!"


Rosemarie, Los Angeles

"I wanted to tell you that I used your Cajun Spices with some chicken, I was cooking in the crock pot. The smell that flowed through my condo, reminded me of the times that you brought some yummy food to the office. The chicken was delicious as well. All I did was put some chicken thighs and onions in the crock pot and sprinkled the spices over. Your next step should be to make a cook book. Put me on the wait list for that book!!!"


Marilyn, Los Angeles

"Bev's All Purpose Seasoning is the answer to every cooks need.  Not only does it enhance the flavor of food, but for me it's the answer in eliminating dozens of bottles of other spices.  All you need is Bev's three flavors."


Elise, New Jersey

"Bev's All Purpose Seasoning is the answer to flavor and convenience. I don't have to pull out ten bottles to get the flavor I want in either home recipes or just opening a can of veggies and wanting to spice them up. I can confidently season my food without worrying about salt intake. None of the flavors are overbearing so I still have the freedom to add any seasonings as desired. These seasonings ease the daily grind of cooking."


Bill, New Jersey

"I just love your spices. I have been on a cabbage diet, and with the help of your spices I lost 26 pounds. Thanks Ms. Galloway your spices are the best."


Paulette, Las Vegas

"I had the privilege of trying these seasonings...I consider myself a cook :) I never thought there could be an improvement in the taste of my foods...Wrong!...And healthy too...A must try!!"



"It's really wonderful seasoning and very light at the same time. I'm allergic to MSG and your spice has none! Thank you! Jesse"



"Got it...very good...cooked fish last night with Bev's seasoning. I used all three on the fish as a mix...Mmmmmm GOOD!"


Veronica, Los Angeles

"I sprinkle it on everything."


Rhonda H., Los Angeles

"From the first time I tried Bev's Cajun Seasoning, I was hooked! I've used the other famous brands, and they simply don't compare. The blend of spices and low sodium make this seasoning ideal. You can use a lot to maximize the flavor without making your dish too salty. I will NEVER use another Cajun seasoning again. Bev, you have a customer for life!!!!!"






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