Beverly Galloway

The Personality Behind “Bev’s Original Blended Seasonings”


Beverly Galloway has always been the kind of woman to whom people passionately gravitate. When she opens her home for hospitality, family and friends gather in love from far and wide.


Her scintillating personality, scrumptious cooking and all-natural je ne sais quoi for creating comfortable settings have made her a coveted acquaintance…especially around holiday time.


This is why the announcement that she has introduced a line of “Bev’s Original Seasonings” is creating such a stir. Just a sprinkle of these tantalizing taste bud teasers guarantees not only enhanced flavor to any dish, the rush you feel is a reflection of her personal zest, warmth and compassion.


The Spicy Cajun offering is especially reminiscent of the good-time “kick” that comes from time spent laughing and relaxing with Bev!  It was important that her

creations be delectable to the palette AND healthy to the body.


She uses minimal salt and conscientiously conjured a blend that capitalizes on garlic’s bountiful benefits.


Bev hopes you integrate her singular spice blends into all of your favorite dishes and looks forward to hearing feedback about your experiences.


Just consider “Bev’s Original Seasonings” a shaker full of love from her kitchen to yours.





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